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      Who's Who
      Below you will find a list of all the teachers at HUS - please click on their names if you wish to email them.


      I have been a science teacher for more than 30 years and Headteacher at Harlington Upper School since April 2003. Since joining the school we have undertaken a complete rebuilding programme, developed a curriculum second to none and have seen exam results steadily rise to be the best in the local area. However, I am most proud of the wonderful sense of community we have in our school, which has provided the basis for our sustained high standards and the enjoyment of school life for students and staff alike.
      It has been a pleasure throughout my time at Harlington to appoint and work with a number of senior colleagues. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the Senior Leadership Team. They will work with me to take our already very good school even further and for us to become an outstanding school.
      Please contact me about any aspect of the school:Mr S Fell

      Deputy Headteacher

      I have been Deputy Headteacher at Harlington since September 2014 having previously worked in a very different community in Peterborough for eleven years. My main area of responsibility at Harlington is to oversee all aspects of pastoral care working alongside the Year Leaders and their teams. I am the lead Safeguarding Officer for the school and strive to make sure that all students are safe, happy and well cared for. A particularly enjoyable part of my role is to work with colleagues and families to ensure that students joining us in year 9 are supported during the transition process so that they are able to make a confident start as soon as they arrive. Please contact me about any Student Support issues: Mrs G Billin 

      Business Manager

      After a career in banking I joined Harlington in 2006, taking responsibility for financial matters and the business functions of our large upper school.
      As an Academy this includes managing support staff and helping to ensure we use our resources to best support students and their achievement. I also help manage our PFI-project site and buildings.
      Please contact me about any Financial or Business related matters: Mrs M Boyle

      Assistant Headteachers  

                KS5 Achievement

      I joined Harlington in 2013 as Assistant Headteacher responsible for leading Teaching and Learning having previously been a Head of Year and teacher of History in Hitchin. Teaching was highlighted as a clear strength of the school in the most recent Ofsted and we are incredibly proud of student outcomes.  Real interests for me have been around developing effective differentiation, student resilience, Blooms Taxonomy and Independence. From September 2019, I am now responsible for leading on Achievement at Key Stage Five. This is an incredibly exciting and rewarding job with a Sixth Form approaching 300 in number. Through high quality teaching and learning and enrichment opportunities, we aim to develop knowledge, skills and confidence that will support and inform our students as they prepare for their respective future pathways.

      The Sixth Form is recognised as being very good at Harlington and my aim is to make it outstanding.

      Please contact me about any aspect of Sixth Form. Mr T Southall

                KS4 Achievement

      Since September 2015 I have been responsible for the achievement of students in Key Stage 4. Working alongside Subject and House Leaders my role is to ensure all students achieve as highly as possible. I have substantial experience of subject and pastoral leadership. It is my responsibility to monitor student progress and co-ordinate appropriate support or academic challenge if required. Please contact me about Student Achievement in years 9,10 and 11: Mr G Russon 


      Ms A Martin
      Careers Guidance


      Careers Leader Mr M Munshi
      Associate Head of Art Mrs C Cross
        Miss E Cooney
      Drama Subject Leaders Mrs R Gibbs \ Mrs C Maiello
        Mrs K Redding
      Music Subject Leader Mrs E Carroll
      PE Subject Leader Mrs S Wareing
        Mrs M Elmes
        Mr A Gerrard
        Mr G Russon
        Mr J Walker
      Design Technology  
      Head of Design Technology Mrs J Beresford
        Mr D Appleman 
        Mr J Ludlow
      Food/Textiles Subject Leader Mrs J Walter
      H&SC and Child Development Subject Leader Mrs N Kemp
      English & Media  
      Director of English Mrs K Thomas
      Assistant Head of English Ms N Masala
        Mrs V Gunn 
        Miss N Jay
        Mrs M Linney
        Mrs M McLaughlin
        Ms N Nicol
        Mrs K Neilson
        Mrs E Pratt
      Literacy Leader Miss N Schmid
      Media Leader Miss Z Smith
        Mrs E Stafford-Key
       Geography Subject Leader (acting) Mrs S Page
        Mr R Makaza
      History Subject Leader Mrs K Stocker
        Mr R Craze
        Mr R Golding 
        Mr T Southall
      RS Subject Leader Mr P Jones
      Psychology Subject Leader Mrs C Godleman
        Mrs H Gant
      ICT Subject Leader Mr B D Clark
        Miss S Ghafoor
        Miss K Shah
      Maths Subject Leader Mr A Houghton
      Assistant Head of Maths Mr I Yusuf
      Assistant Head of Maths/DofE Leader Mrs L Cavadias
        Mr N Dodgson 
        Mrs S Figg
        Mrs L Favager
        Mrs R Karbasheva 
        Mrs A Mankani
        Mr P Martin
        Mr D Smeath
      Modern Foreign Languages & Business Studies  
      Business & Economics Subject Leader Mr C Wright
        Mr J Keeling
        Mrs S Ahmed
      MFL Subject Leader Mrs D Lambert
                 Mr A Maclean
        Miss B Perez Garrido
      Director of Science Mr M Munshi
      Associate Head of Science Mrs L Hymus
      Assistant Head of Science Mr J Hutchins
      Assistant Head of Science Mr B Barham
        Mr B Clark
        Mrs G Detheridge
        Mr J Elmes 
        Dr C Gregory 
        Mrs V Lumley 
        Dr L Newman
        Mr C Prickett
        Mr D Rayner 
        Mr S Sims 
        Mr M Thomas 
        Mrs A Yates


      Head of 6th Form Mr J Elmes
      Head of Year 11 Ms N Nicol
      Head of Year 10 Mrs A Yates
      Head of Year 9 Mrs M Elmes
      Year 11 Support Worker Mrs K Sawdon
      Year 10 Support Worker
      Mrs M Clarke
      Year 9 Support Worker Mrs K Toyer
      Year Support Worker Mrs T Mulcahy/Ms K Jackson
      Attendance Officer Mrs A Ambridge
      Student Support Reception / Admin / First Aid Mrs L Sherry / Mr B Lenihan 
      Headteacher's PA/Admin Manager Mrs M Cook
      Exams Officer Mrs A Goode 
      Head Boy (Sep 2019 - 2020) James Brandham
      Head Girl (Sep 2019 - 2020) Yasmina Popescu
      Deputy Head Boy (Sep 2019 - 2020) Reece Bithrey
      Deputy Head Girl (Sep 2019 - 2020) Asher Omar