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      Year 9

      Head of Year 


      Before becoming a teacher I worked as a Supported Housing Officer for a local authority. I moved into teaching fourteen years ago, I trained and mainly worked in London but moved to Central Bedfordshire shortly after becoming a parent in 2007. I never thought I would settle in a rural community but I am glad to say I have and wouldn’t want to live and work anywhere else. In my teaching career I have mainly held Head of Department posts but in 2012 I felt that I wanted to move into a Pastoral role and became House Leader for Theseus. In May 2017 I became the Head of Year 9. The job isn’t without its challenges but it is never dull and I have felt it a great privilege to work with some brilliant young people and their families.
      Over the last two years, we have changed the way the House system works, firstly by moving into designated locations and more recently having our support rooms in these locations. I am lucky to work with an amazing support team and I think between us we are able to offer a good provision of care and guidance for students. Please contact me about any aspect regarding Year 9 students:

      Ms N Nicol

      Form Tutors    
      09Ap1   Mr D Appleman
      09Ap2   Mr J Burnham
      09Eu1   Mr B Clarke
      09Eu2   Mrs G Detheridge
      09He1   Mr C Christodoulou
      09He2   Mr H Shah
      09Mi1   Miss T Grunwald
      09Mi2   Miss N Jay
      09Pe1   Mr R Golding
      09Pe2   Mrs N Kemp
      09Th1   Miss N Cross
      09Th2   Mr J Keeling
      Year Support Worker   Mrs K Sawdon
      Senior Teacher Link   Mr M Munshi,